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New Experiments of Direct Democracy: Consequences for Governability and Development

RedGob Annual Conference 2014

Friday 12 December 2014, Kultur & Kongresshaus, Schlossplatz 9, Aarau
Saturday 13 December 2014, Vila Blumenhalde, Kuttigerstrasse 21, Aarau

The Red Euro-Latinoamericana de Gobernabilidad para el Desarrollo (RedGob) is a network of renowned European and Latin American research institutions which aims at generating a space for the exchange of knowledge on the subjects of governability, public policy, institutional reform and development. This year the RedGob Annual Conference is hosted by the Center for Democracy Studies and devoted to «New experiments of direct democracy: Consequences for governability and development».

Panel one «Direct Democracy and its Consequences» concentrates on the consequences of direct democratic instruments on public policy outcomes. The Swiss case will be analysed by Prof. Dr. Pascal Sciarini (University of Geneva), the German case by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Geissel (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt), and Dr. Yanina Welp (ZDA) will deal with several Latin American cases.

Panel two «Assessing the Recall Referendum» deals with one of the most intensively used mechanisms of direct democracy at the local level in Latin America: the recall referendum. Dr. Uwe Serdült (ZDA) will present a general overview, Dr. Franklin Ramírez (FLACSO) will focus on the Ecuadorian case and Dr. Rocío Annunziata (UBA-CONICET) on consequences for representative democracy.

Panel three «Constitutional Reform and Citizen’s Participation» aims at an overall assessments of the consequences of constitutional rewrites that were subject to citizen’s participation and ended with referendum approvals. Dr. Jonathan Wheatley (ZDA), Dr. Gabriel Negretto (CIDE, México) and Dr. Luis Verdesoto (FLACSO) will analyse the extent to which in Latin American experiences did direct democracy legitimate new constitutions.

Finally, panel fourth «Referendums on Self-determination» focuses on the increased saliency of referendums related to matters of self-determination. Dr. Matt Qvortrup (Cranfield University) will offer a comparative historical overview of independence referendums while Prof. Dr. Stephen Tierney (University of Edinburgh) and Prof. Dr. Montserrat Guibernau (Queen Mary University of London) will deal with the Scottish and the Catalan experiences respectively.

As keynote lectures, Dr. Jens Andermann (University of Zurich) will speak about «Postautonomy and its Discontents: On the Politics of Latin American Cultural Studies» and profs. Leonardo Morlino (LUISS) and Laurence Whitehead (Oxford University) will focus on two interrelated topics: «Citizen’s Participation on Transitions to Democracy» and «Problems of Reconciling (Direct) Democracy with Representative Forms of Constitutional Government». See a detailed program at:
http://c2d.ch/Conferences.php? lname=Conferences&table=About_General&link_id=2&parent_id=2#73 

The conference language is English. Attendants have to register until 10 December with name, affiliation and day(s) of attendance via email to: pedro.capravieira@uzh.ch
The conference is organized by the Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau (ZDA) and is supported by the AVINA STIFTUNG, the Swiss National Science Foundation and IDEA International.


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