The Chicano Movement as Decolonization

— The Latin-American-Swiss Center (CLS-HSG) of the University of St.Gallen would like to invite you to the public lecture of Prof. George Hartley —

— 30.11.11., 18h15, Auditorium 09-114, Universidad de San Gallen —

George Hartley is an Associate Professor of English at Ohio University, where he teaches contemporary poetry and critical theory. He has studied decolonization movements in Africa and Latin America; in the Southwest of the United States, Professor Hartley analyzes the discursive processes of retroactive identity construction, and the decolonizing strategies used by the Chicano movement.

Currently he is putting the final touches to his book The Curandera of Conquest: Gloria An- zaldúa’s Decolonizing Consciousness.

His book The Abyss of Representation: Marxism and the Postmodern Sublime (2003) traces the history and shows the topicality of the problem of representation inherited by idealist epistemology. George Hartley’s bibliography contains several essays and reviews on experimental, avant- garde poetry, like the Language Poetry Movement and Bruce Andrew’s Electronic Poetry Center. Professor Hartley himself is a poet who has published in Central Park or Tyuonyi.

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