Nuevo CD de Shakira: Sale el Sol

— en venta en Suiza desde el 15.10.10. —

2010 war ihr Jahr: mit "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" landete Shakira den Sommerhit der Saison. Nun veröffentlicht der kolumbianische Superstar das brandneue spanische Studioalbum. "Sale El Sol". Neben dem Über-Hit "Waka Waka" enthält "Sale El Sol", auf dem sich Shakira musikalisch wieder verstärkt ihren lateinamerikanischen Wurzeln widmet, auch die neue Hitsingle "Loca". Im November wird Shakira die Songs ihres neuen, großartigen Pop-Albums dann auch live präsentieren, und zwar am 17.11. im Hallenstadion Zürich und am 29.11. in der Arena Genève.2010 est une grande année pour Shakira: "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" a été le tube de l’été. La superstar colombienne sort à présent son tout nouvel album en espagnol. "Sale El Sol". Outre le tube "Waka Waka", l’album "Sale El Sol", sur lequel Shakira a voulu à nouveau se rapprocher de ses racines latino-américaines, recense aussi le tube "Loca".

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• 01.?Shakira – Sale El Sol – (Album Version)
• 02.?Shakira – Loca (Featuring Dizzee Rascal)
• 03.?Shakira – Antes De Las Seis – (Album Version)
• 04.?Shakira – Gordita (Featuring Residente Calle 13) – (Album Version)
• 05.?Shakira – Addicted To You – (Album Version)?
• 06.?Shakira – Lo Que Más – (Album Version)?
• 07.?Shakira – Mariposas – (Album Version)?
• 08.?Shakira – Rabiosa (Featuring Pitbull)?
• 09.?Shakira – Devoción – (Album Version)?
• 10.?Shakira – Islands – (Album Version)?
• 11.?Shakira – Tu Boca – (Album Version)?
• 12.?Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) – (K-Mix)?
• 13.?Shakira – Loca (Featuring El Cata) – (Album Version)?
• 14.?Shakira – Rabiosa (Featuring El Cata) – (Album Version)?
• 15.?Shakira – Waka Waka (Esto Es Africa) – (K-Mix)?
• 16.?Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) (Featuring Freshlyground)?

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Shakira Sale El Sol Generic Interview

Interviewer: How do you feel at this point in your life about your new album, a successful tour launching, and a new fragrance?

Shakira: Well I am very excited about this new album because it is an album that represents exactly the way I am and my state of mind today as an artist, as a woman. Some songs in this album remind me of Pies Descalzos, ¿Dónde Están Los Ladrones? era,which were my beginnings. So it is kind of like going back to where everything started, but also from this new perspective that I have, from the moment I am going through and the way I see things. This album clearly has three directions. The romantic direction that I hadn’t tapped into for the past three years, then it suddenly came to me and I couldn’t hold it back. So it’s got songs that are very intense and very, very romantic, and there are songs that are very rock and roll, which is another side of me. You know, I started my career being more of a rock artist and then I kind of crossed over into pop music. So it’s been fun to kind of re-encounter that side of my personality. Then the third aspect of this albums is the merengue, Latino, tropical side, party side of this album, which was very experimental. You know, I had to go to new places and find new sounds and genres like merengue, which is a genre that I grew up listening to as a child living in Baranquilla. That was a big part of my life and I was sort of missing it you know I had some nostalgia for a good merengue song, so I wanted to make it happen and this time I just decided to go to Dominican Republic, which is a source of merengue music. I went to this neighborhood and I ended up starting to produce the songs like “Loca” and “Rabiosa,” in a very tiny studio in the middle of nowhere. It was quite interesting and fun to do these kind of things that were sort of impulses in the middle of the creative process. It wasn’t planned at all I was just following my instincts and whatever my instincts were telling me, that’s what I would do. So this album is very, very genuine as well as very personal. And it is called Sale El Sol (The Sun Comes Out). Well the album is called Sale El Sol (The Sun Comes Out) because it has a lot to with the way I feel this year. I was probably a little bit down at the end of last year and I don’t know, as soon as this year started, the sun started shining for me perhaps brighter than many other years in my life, I don’t know. I find myself smiling more often, and I sort of found new answers on the road and I understand a little bit better what my purpose is as an artist and as a woman. I feel a bit more free and liberated from so many things that hold us back sometimes. And, I don’t know, there is just some kind of evolution in me that has allowed me to see the world with a more optimistic view. And it has a way to all these feelings, a way to express themselves through these songs. I ended up making an album that completely satisfies me and that makes me feel good as well. And everything that happened with Waka Waka during this year has brought so much joy to my life as well. So you know, you go through difficult moments, everybody does, I’ve been through difficult moments myself. But, there is always a sun inside of us that never extinguishes. I call it the sun within. And I think it has come out for me this year, I’m happy to know that and hopefully to stay. It will be a long day in the sun.

Interviewer: Tell me a little bit about the filming of Loca Loca in Barcelona.

Shakira: You know, originally we had planned for this video to happen in the studio, a proper studio. It was already reserved and paid for and everything, but it didn’t feel right. I felt like I needed to be outside in the street and the spirit of the song was all about the freedom you know and being mischievous and being yourself and not holding back. So I called the director and told him all of this and of course he was very scared because we were two days away from shooting it. And when he saw that look in my face when I told Jaume La Iguana, who is by the way a dear friend of mine, I told Jaume La Iguana I am thinking about this video and I think we should not go into the studio and he’s like okay. I need to sit back because I know that you’re telling me now, two days before we start shooting this video that you’re going to change your whole story. And of course he wasn’t very thrilled about that. But then when he heard me out, heard the idea I had, he completely agreed you know. And I said to him lets just go to Barcelona, go out on the streets of Barcelona. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have permits, because that was his first concern, how are we going to do this without permits? And that’s what we did so it was me and him, with just a camera following me around and a couple of guys. And I ended up jumping in a public fountain. I also ended up riding a motorcycle with a guy I never met and no one introduced to me and that I would probably never see again, and without a helmet, so I am probably going to get fined as soon as I get back to Barcelona, which is by the way a 400 Euro fine that I have to pay, but you know what the heck, Ill do it. And what else, oh we ended up in the water in the ocean, you know in the middle of the night with a bunch of people who were around and fans, it was just a great day. And I went roller skating, I was obsessed with roller-skating. Everything I wanted to do in the video was roller-skate and dance on the beach and it was just great and easy you know. Just I guess sometimes you get a little bit tired of all the impositions of the industry you know with doing things in a certain way. And when you can just kind of reinvent the mechanics of the creative process, you can just reinvent the method, or methodology of something and it just feels fresh again. That’s part of what I like so much about this video. Its one of my favorite videos for sure!

Interviewer: And then just in an earlier interviewer you talked about the tour and connecting with fans, can you just talk about a little bit about that and how its different than spending time in the studio and at photo shoots and how you like being on the road.

Shakira: Yea, yea I guess part of the reason why it was a little harder for me last year was because I was doing promo. Its not always the same when you’re in front of cameras all the time and you do your hair, make up, and doing photo shoots. It’s another facet of the music industry that’s not as enjoyable as being on the road you know, being in touch with people. And, as soon as I was able to fly into South Africa around the World Cup, I started feeling the affection of so many, you know. I never received so many hugs and kisses in a month like I did when I was in South Africa. I never arrived to a country through the airport and found so many immigration officers actually dancing and doing the “Waka Waka”. There were so many amazing surprises that this song brought along as well as experiences. So, I was already missing the contact with the fans and I guess “Waka Waka” showed me that, showed me the path, and so I could finish this album with all my energy and joy and “ganas” you know that’s the word. This tour that already started in America that will continue next month in Europe, and beginning of next year in Latin America and other countries, has already revolutionized my life, my artistic life in a way that is so exhilarating and so refreshing as well. You know the whole idea of coming out during my show, coming out from the audience, changes everything for me. It makes the entire show so accessible to me and to the people at the same time. Its not only me on stage, it makes the audience participate in a way that they are also protagonists. You know, and as soon I come out I can touch them, I can see their faces, see the audience, I know how they react to every song. There is just immediate communication, there are no gaps in between, there is no communication breakdown, and it is completely solid all throughout the show, from the beginning to the end. And it is like a huge party where I feel like I am having a great time too, I am enjoying myself. And it is just the enjoyment that I see in their faces that comes back to me, we feed from each other. And that is what I think is so great about this particular show, this particular tour, what its bringing to my life. Every night after I finish with the show, I’m not tired at all. I mean I used to get offstage with a banana, you know, trying to bring my potassium levels up again and my brother used to carry me. I remember when I was 18 years old, my first tour, my show was like an hour and 15 minutes long, you know I didn’t have a big repertoire. And he would carry me because I’d be so weak. But now I’m just like hey, hows everything? Lets go. Where are we going? I’m so energized and its great. It’s a great feeling and the audience has given me all of that.

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