Segundo Premio: Yana Cosmetics S.A.C. (Perú)

Proyecto: Natural cosmetics with native Andean products (Perú) 

Proyectista: Valerie Barbier 

YANA COSMETICS SAC es une empresa de productos cosméticos orgánicos a base de plantas nativas del Perú. Nuestros productos no solamente son orgánicos sino que respetan el medio ambiente, uno de los fundamentos de Yana Cosmetics. Otro es crear productos sin pruebas con animales. Un tercero es el desarrollo sostenible. A través de este proyecto, estamos apoyando a las comunidades de la sierra y de la selva comprándoles directamente la materia prima.

Yana Cosmetics cuenta con una marca comercial que es Mishki inspirada de una palabra quechua que significa dulce, rico; pero también quererse. [<— Exfoliating soap with unguragui]

Los productos son:

• Una crema a base de una papa morada orgánica para pieles mixtas

•  Una crema a base de ungurahui para pieles secas

•  Una loción de limpieza de la misma papa

•  Un jabón exfoliante a base de la pepa de ungurahui

•  Un agua tónica a base de muña

•  Un aceite de jojoba

Hemos trabajado con distintos doctores y la crema de papa ayuda a aclarar la manchas y la de ungurahui ayuda mas para pieles con rosácea, dermatitis, eczema.

Página web: www.mishkiperu.com

Yana Cosmetics was founded in 2005, but the idea originated in December 2004 in Huancayo (Peru) during a workshop on the potato. Inspired by the biodiversity and the potential for development of the species, the idea of formulating and developing facial creams based on organic products native to Peru emerged.

The consolidation of this idea came about with an alliance of communities and farmers, with whom the means of supplying raw materials has been established. The Pharmacy and Biochemistry Department of San Marcos University (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos) has collaborated on scientific research.

After more than 2 years spent finding the right plants, extracting the ingredients properly, stabilizing the creams, making a test batch and then a trial with groups of women, complying with the requirements of Digemid, the Peruvian regulator, and all the administrative paperwork that Peru requires, Mishki creams had been marketed in Peru and we started to export. [<— Cleansing lotion with potato]

Yana Cosmetics launched its three first products in May 2007 on a key date in Peru, which was the first National Day of the Potato. They are: Mishki for normal to oily skin with a potato base, Mishki for normal to dry skin with ungurahui oil and Mishki for oily skin with essential oil of muña.

Using free channels of communication, we target women between 30 and 55/60 years old with dry and oily-to-normal skin; however, some men have started to use the creams, especially the one with potato.

We anticipated selling at an international level, to save time and money, by considering such things as relevant laws and prohibited ingredients (before doing the experiments), marketing (naming of products, advertising, packaging, labeling), accounting and finance standards.

We also launched 3 new products: an exfoliating soap based with the seed of ungurahui, a cleansing lotion with potato and cleansing water with muña.

We are now in a project of products for the body but also, and especially, a sun cream. [<— Facial cream with purple potato].

In those first years, we expected to sell in Peru, but because of the limited size of this market, we would like to move to selling outside of Peru as quickly as possible. 

We now would like to develop the market with Switzerland but also to launch the new products especially the sun cream





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