Entrega de Premios I Concurso Planes de Negocio 

— 25.04.13., Universidad de Zúrich —

— Textos: Luis Vélez Serrano, coordinador de PL —

— Reportaje gráfico: Nelson Casas Olguín, rep. gráfico de PL —

— Ver vídeo con entrevistas a dos de las ganadoras, al Embajador del Perú Juan Carlos Gamarra, al Presidente de la Cámara Colombo Suiza, Peter Welter y otros en mitad de esta página. 

Zurich, April 25, 2013

Mrs Ambassador Beatriz Londono,
Mr. Ambassador Juan Carlos Gamarro,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to award the first price of the Business Plan competition in the context of the free trade agreement between Switzerland and Colombia and Switzerland and Peru.

Let me first congratulate Mr. Luis Velez and his team of Punto Latino for their brilliant idea. The preparation and the planning of the competition involved much work and dedication. I also thank the jury for the careful evaluation of all the projects.

In a few minutes, I will give the award for the best project to Mrs Lizbeth Pumasunco Rivera. Beforehand, let me share with you the following thoughts.

1. My relationship with the Agreement is quite unique and unusual
I was not directly involved with the negotiations of the EFTA-Peru free trade agreement but happened to attend the signing ceremony. The Agreement had been scheduled to be signed on June 24, 2010 in Reykjavik. Mr. Martin Perez, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister of Peru flew to the United States to then pursue his journey to Iceland. However, due to technical defects, his plane never got to Reykjavik, and the Agreement was signed by the four EFTA Ministers only.
Minister Perez finally signed the Agreement on July 14, 2010 in Lima during the visit of the Swiss State Secretary for Economic Affairs Jean-Daniel Gerber and myself to Peru.
It was a good winter day in Lima; the signing ceremony got a great press coverage and we all shared a nice glass of Pisco sour, a typical Peruvian beverage, to celebrate a landmark in the Swiss- and EFTA-Peruvian bilateral economic relations.

2. The project of Mrs Lizbeth Pumasunco fulfills outstandingly the objectives and the spirit of the free trade agreement. In a nutshell, it can be highlighted in ten points:

First, it is about the nuez de Sacha Inchi Organica
• Except for gold, most Peruvian exports to Switzerland are agricultural goods. Peru has a comparative advantage in this field and one of the aims of the free trade agreement is precisely to induce new Peruvian exports.
Second, it is about preferences
• The product is customs-duty free upon import into Switzerland. Mrs Pumasunco has investigated carefully that point determining precisely the tariff number of the nuez de Sacha Inchi Organica.
Third, it is about eliminating non-tariff barriers
• The product is considered as a new product by Swiss food authorities. It must first be registered by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.
• Promperu, Indecopi and the Perubiodiversity project with the support of the Swiss technical cooperation and the German international cooperation are committed to the promotion and introduction of the nuez de Sacha Inchi Organica on the European market. The technical assistance offered by the Swiss Import Promotion Program with the award will also be very useful to meet this objective.
Fourth, it is about health
• The nuez de Sacha Inchi Organica is a healthy snack with proteins, acids, amino-acids, essential fats and vitamin E. The nuez will contribute to improve the well-being of all the consumers with its content in alfa-linolenic acid, Omegas 3, 6 and 9.
Fifth, it is about economic and social development
• The nuez de Sacha Inchi Organica is produced by small farmers ; Peru ranks number one in the world. The area cultivated has increased from 500 ha in 2011 to 2000 ha in 2012. This remarkable growth brings additional income to many producers and their families as well as opportunities to increase productivity.
Sixth, it is about a region which is not at the center of international trade
• The main beneficiary area is not the capital Lima or a large city, neither the north, the south, the coast or the Andes but the Amazonic jungle.
Seventh, it is about the environment favoring sustainability
• The cultivation of the nuez de Sacha Inchi Organica can be combined with beans, allows a revitalization of the soil and increase of nitrogen, keeps more humidity in the soil, and reduces soil erosion.
Eight, it is about business
• The project includes a detailed business plan with data in particular on investments, liquidity, staff, costs, revenues, containers, prices with quotations free on board and cost insurance freight.
Ninth, it is about investigating into Swiss food habits
• Mrs Pumasunco identified a big increase in consumption of potato chips by the Swiss from 130 million Swiss francs in 2007 to 192 million Swiss francs in 2011 or 3 kilo per head of snacks and 500 grams of nueces per head.
• The Swiss have also significantly increased their consumption of nueces from 29 million Swiss francs in 2007 to 45 million Swiss francs in 2011.
Tenth, it is about geographical indications
• At its first meeting held on April 17 2013 in Geneva, the Joint Committee of the EFTA-Peru free trade agreement decided to initiate negotiations on the protection of geographical indications. The nuez de Sacha Inchi Organica of the Amazonic jungle could be a product of interest for Peru for such a protection.

The project of Mrs Lizbeth Pumasunco is very well written. It reflects a pioneer spirit which the first Swiss to arrive in Peru, Giuseppe Avanzini, in 1790, displayed wonderfully as he settled in Arequipa to practice medicine. On the Peruvian side, we all remember the pilot Jorge Chavez who first crossed the Alps with an aircraft flying over the Simplon on September 23, 1910. We congratulate Mrs Lizbeth Pumasunco for winning the first price of the contest and wish her full success in reaching the Swiss and other European markets with the nuez de Sacha Inchi Organica.

Philippe G. Nell
Minister, Head of Americas
State Secretary for Economic Affairs


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Un resumen del acto de Entrega de Premios en la Universidad de Zúrich el 25.05.13.

Raphael Widmer, el primero en llegar a las 16h59 para reunir al Comité de Organización ... 

José Parra presenta el programa del acto de entrega de premios. A su lado Ulrich Hinterberger de SGE, quien entregó 3 premios SIPPO de asesoramiento a los tres ganadores, cada uno de un valor de CHF 1200.–

Sergio Dawidowicz, miembro del Jurado Calificador, explica el proceso de la selección. En la inscripción no vinculante 35 personas de Suiza, Colombia y Perú. 5 personas desistieron por razones de tiempo. 15 concursantes enviaron sus trabajos y 3 fueron premiados.

El Ministro Nell se apresta a entregar el primer premio a la concursante ganadora Lizbeth Pumasunco, a su lado Luis Vélez Serrano, coordinador de PL. El primer premio es de CHF 2000.–

El Miinistro Philippe Nell (SECO) tuvo a su cargo la alocución central del acto. En la primera línea la Embajadora de Colombia Beatriz Londoño y el Embajador del Perú Juan Carlos Gamarra.

Sara Pauli, coordinador de «Ecología» en PuntoLatino entrega el segundo premio al Embajador del Perú, para la ganadora Valérie Barbier. El premio es de CHF 1500.-

Adiela Martínez co-ganadora del 3er premio recibe un bono de asesoramiento de CHF 1000.– de STARTUPS.CH AG. Entrega el premio Isabel Harsch

El Prof. Marcelo Olarreaga (Universidad de Ginebra) entrega los diplomas conferidos por el Jurado Calificador en presencia del Embajador del Perú y de dos de las ganadoras

Michaël Tuil, directivo de PuntoLatino, entrega los Premios de Publicidad en PuntoLatino, por un valor de CHF 385.50 cada uno

La Embajadora de Colombia, Beatriz Londoño, se dirige a los participantes en el aperitivo

El Embajador del Perú, Juan Carlos Gamarra, se dirige a los participantes en el acto

Luis Vélez Serrano, coordinador de PL, agradece a los patrocinadores y les pide una estrecha colaboración en el futuro

Miembros de PuntoLatino y de los estudiantes latinos de las Universidades de Zúrich y de San Gallen

Brindis por las 3 ganadoras 

Un delicioso apertivo ofrecido por los Embajadores de Perú y Colombia 

La causa peruana no podía faltar ...

Degustando el producto «Sacha Inchi» ganador del concurso

Juan Silva, Consejero de la Embajada de Colombia; la Embajadora Beatriz Londoño, Adiela Martínez co-ganadora del tercer premio, Michaël Tuil de PuntoLatino y Adriana Lega Posse de la Embajada de Colombia

El Embajador del Perú, Juan Carlos Gamarra, se dirige a los participantes

El Ministro Ph. Nell, el Embajador Gamarra y Lizbeth Pumasunco, ganadora del 1. Premio

La ganadora Lizbeth Pumasunco recibe de manos de Luis Vélez Serrano el primer premio. Presencian el Embajador Gamarra y el Ministro Nell

Luis Vélez Serrano, el Embajador Juan Carlos Gamarra y la empresa Lizbeth Pumasunco

Juan Carlos Villafuerte, Juan Carlos Gamarra, Lizbeth Pumasunco, Beatriz Londoño, Adiela Martínez, Philippe Nell, Luis Vélez Serrano y Ricardo Morote

Juan Carlos Gamarra, Corinne Schirmer, Philippe Nell, Lizbeth Pumasunco y Ulrich Hinterberger

Marcelo Olarrega, Juan Carlos Gamarra y Luis Vélez Serrano

Anécdota: La ganadora del primer premio llegó de Lima un día antes y no le fue fácil llegar a la UNI ZH, se confundió con la ETH y nos dejó esperando unos minutos ...

Sergi Widacowicz, Stephanie Welter, Peter Welter, Ulrich Hinterberger, Corinne Schirmer y la Sra. Schirmer

El auditorio durante la exposición de Philippe Nell (SECO)

Los redactores de PuntoLatino: Stephanie Welter, Diana Arenas, Daniel Ortiz Grassi y Michaël Tuil

UNI SAN GALLEN ¡presente! — Paulina Widmer, Romina Tomassi de la Vega y Sebastian Waldmann

Los finalistas, aunque no del concurso, de la fiesta: Nelson Casas, Michaël Tuil, Daniel Ortiz Grassi, Luis Vélez Serrano, Diana Arenas y Lizbeth Pumasunco que exhibe su cheque Postfinance
 Adiela Martínez y su esposo  Especialidades latinoamericanas  2013-14 ¿Chile y México?






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