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Ministro Philippe Nell (SECO Suiza), Embajador Jorge Castro-Valle (México), Embajadora Beatriz Londoño Soto (Colombia), Embajador Luis Chuquihuara Chil (Perú) y Ministro Consejero Julio Méndez (Chile). 





castro jorge177x177Discurso del Embajador Jorge Castro-Valle en la recepción ofrecida por el Aniversario de la Independencia de México

— Bern 15.09.13. —


Excellencies, dear colleagues, welcome and thank you for honoring us with your presence;
Buenos días y bienvenidos, estimados compatriotas y amigos de México;
Liebe Gäste und Freunde Mexikos, Gruezi miteinand; herzlichst willkommen bei diesem Empfang anlässlich des Mexikanischen Nationalfeiertages;
Bonjour, chers amis du Mexique, je vous souhaite la bienvenue a notre Fete Nationale mexicaine;
Benvenuti a la Festa Nazionale Messicana, cari amici dell Messico;
Dear guests and friends of Mexico, bienvenidos:

As the new Mexican Ambassador to Switzerland it is my pleasure to host this National Day reception – the first of my diplomatic mission in this beautiful country. I thank you sincerely for accepting our invitation to join us on this significant occasion.

What are we Mexicans celebrating today? 203 years ago, in 1810, Mexico – once the cradle of magnificent ancient civilizations like the Mayas and Aztecs dating back thousands of years – initiated its struggle for freedom and independence after 300 years of colonial domination. In the more than two centuries that have passed, this quest continues, albeit with different objectives, challenges and opportunities.

Nowadays, Mexico – under the leadership of President Enrique Peña Nieto – is experiencing profound transformations. It is striving to consolidate itself as a nation in peace, with security for its people; with social inclusion, especially for the disadvantaged; with quality education for its youth; as a more prosperous country with sustainable development, economic growth and job creation; and as a responsible global actor in the international scene.
Undoubtedly, progress has been made in these past 9 months, with far- reaching structural reforms, but much more remains to be done. As a nation, with unity, solidarity and hard work, we are determined to succeed in this endeavor.

Internationally, Mexico is a multidimensional country. Historically and culturally, we are a proud member of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean nations; geographically and economically, we are an integral part of North America with NAFTA; across our oceans we are increasingly linked with Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, with free trade and advanced cooperation agreements; and, last but not least, we are developing stronger ties and communication with Africa and the Middle East. Not to forget our prominent role in organizations such as the G20 or in ongoing negotiations like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
In the multilateral arena, Mexico values its partnership and constructive cooperation with Switzerland on issues such as peace and security; disarmament and arms-control; international cooperation for development; climate change; human rights and humanitarian law, among others.

And we also look forward to our cooperation at Alianza del Pacífico, a dynamic new integration process in Latin America that Mexico will be chairing soon and where Switzerland is seeking observer status.

In the bilateral field, both countries have not only shown political will but also undertaken concrete actions to further strengthen and deepen their political and economic ties, as well as academic exchanges and cooperation in science, technology and innovation. President Peña Nieto is determined to move Mexico and, under his instructions and with the support of our Swiss partners, I am also determined to move the bilateral relationship with Switzerland.

And movement has already begun. This year alone, we have had reciprocal visits by our Ministers of the Economy as well as political consultations. In a few days we will hold consultations on economic and commercial matters and in October on multilateral issues. Furthermore high-level meetings and closer links between our Cooperation Agencies, not only bilaterally but also vis-à-vis third countries, are being planned.

Last but not least, a presidential encounter at the World Economic Forum in Davos next January is being envisaged as well as other activities in 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of our formal diplomatic relations and 185 years of friendship, trade and consular links. As you can see, my government surely knows how to keep its new Ambassador in Berne very busy …

At this point, I would like to acknowledge the presence of the official representative of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Philippe Guex, Director of the Americas Division. To him and his team: muchas, muchas gracias por su apoyo y colaboración. (Ambassador Guex has kindly accepted to say a few words after my speech …).
And, of course, I would also like to thank all of you, particularly our Swiss partners from the public and private sectors, both at the federal as well as the cantonal level, for your support in our common endeavor to strengthen our relations. I look forward to working closely with you in the future to deepen our cooperation.
Ich bedanke mich bei unseren Schweizer Gesprächspartnern und wünsche uns auch in Zukunft eine enge und konstruktive Zusammenarbeit. A nos partenaires suisses je vous remercie pour votre collaboration et je vous offre la mienne et celle de l ́Ambassade dans l ́avenir.


Dear friends:
Mexico is a country blessed with a vast cultural heritage full of tradition, folklore, music and art. During my tenure as Ambassador, I will strive to present in Switzerland Mexico ́s unique «soft power» of which we are extremely proud. I would like to ask you to please mark your calendars for the opening of a wonderful exhibit of Mexican graphics at the Berner Kunstmuseum on October 22nd.

In our promotion endeavors, I am fortunate to count on the support of the six Mexican Associations and the four Honorary Consulates established in various cantons. I would like to acknowledge their presence at this reception and publicly thank them for their collaboration. Muchas gracias por su apoyo y colaboración.
Mexico is also famous for the richness of its cuisine which has been designated as intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. I hope that the sampling of Mexican drinks and typical delicacies that you will enjoy today will whet your appetite for more, enticing you to visit our country – one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world – where you will be received with the proverbial Mexican hospitality. As we Mexicans like to say: mi casa es su casa.
Last but by no means least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who collaborated with us for this event: the authentic Mexican restaurant «El Azteca» in Interlaken, food and beverage firms like Corona and Sol beers, Tequila firms like Cuervo and other brands provided by the Tequila Regulatory Council and the Tequila Industry Chamber as well as Grupo Turín, producers of high-quality Mexican chocolate. Many thanks also to the wonderful Mariachi group for their musical entertainment. And, last but not least, my gratitude also to my great team at the Mexican Embassy. Muchas gracias a todos por su valioso apoyo


Dear friends:
The only thing that we could not achieve for today ́s event was to import some sunny Mexican weather …but we will try to compensate for it with the warmth of our hospitality and the cheerfulness of our celebration.
So, please join me in a toast to your health and happiness, and to friendship and understanding between all our nations.

Viva Suiza! Viva México! Salud!


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El Embajador Castro saludado por marichis El Embajador con un redactor de PuntoLatino















13castro fiesta nal600x900| ASOCIACIONES | MEXICO | BERNA |

Saludo del Embajador Jorge Castro-Valle en el Día Nacional de México

— Berna 15.09.13. Asoc. AMEX BERNA —


El Embajador de México en Suiza, Jorge Castro-Valle envió este saludo a la comunidad mexicana en Suiza a través de PuntoLatino. El Embajador Castro fue abordado por Elsa Carvallo de PuntoLatino en el festejo de la Asoc. AMEX de Berna. 


Me da mucho gusto poder emitir este mensaje en este día tan importante para los mexicanos, a la comunidad mexicana en primer termino que vive aquí en Suiza pero extensiva a toda la comunidad latina, es un orgullo para mi contar con una comunidad tan activa, una comunidad tan comprometida y como yo se los dije hoy, los mexicanos tenemos mucho de que estar orgullosos y es realmente para mi muy satisfactorio ver como se conservan los valores, la identidad de la comunidad mexicana a través de esta labor que realizan las asociaciones mexicanas en Suiza así que todo el apoyo por parte de la embajada y también mi apoyo personal.

Muchas Gracias y Viva México

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[El Embajador Jorge Castro con Elsa Carvallo, en el acto preparado por AMEX Berna con motivo del Dia Nacional de México, Berna 15.09.13.]


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